When we are looking for solutions to make our lives better, we tend to look at the cost benefit balance.

What will I gain from it? How much does it cost? Do I need it now? Will it be worth the money? Where do I start? Who do I trust?

All of these questions are extremely important and lead us to make decisions that can either hinder or enhance our lifestyles. We do this on a daily basis in all walks of life in order to move forward and grow with strength and good health.

The generation we are part of and cognitive bias can often influence our decisions when making lifestyle changes and purchases. For example, we may have been told at a younger age that a particular type of car is not reliable and therefore we would never consider having one from that manufacturer later in life. This potentially could have been because the person telling us was someone we respected and therefore we stored that opinion as the truth.

The same can be said for the stigma that historically has been attached to wearing hearing aids as opposed to that attached to glasses for example. Both enhance our everyday lives and make everything we do a lot easier and clearer, yet one has always been linked to a more desirable purchase.

Some people have had a bad experience with hearing aids but that isn’t necessarily down to the hearing aids themselves, it is often down to the fact that most people need two hearing aids or were only given one or that the Audiology professional wasn’t allowed to allocate enough time to the patient or couldn’t fit the hearing aids properly due to a lack of skill set.

Focusing purely on the price of hearing aids will get you so far but it will not necessarily give you the longer-term lifestyle outcome you are looking for.

Of course, when making a lifestyle purchase you need to consider how much it costs over a period of time. If this cost can then benefit your lifestyle longer term then you have to make a decision about when you need to make the improvement via the technology.

You can buy cheaper hearing aids these days, with lower levels of technology that do not involve a hearing care professional who is highly qualified. This is likely to result in buyer’s remorse, a future fear of doing something to improve your hearing and regret about rushing a decision or basing it around price first and foremost.

We know this all too well as often our new patients come to us having had a bad experience in the past because they were ill informed or rushed ahead without the correct expertise alongside them.

When thinking about buying hearing aids, it is important to stay in control of your choices and decisions and not be forced into anything. High-level hearing care professionals like us, will advise you on the solution that is correct for your lifestyle so that you always remain part of the conversation.

Low-level hearing care professionals or people who are solely focused around price or who sell purely on the internet, can often lose the connection between the improvement to your lifestyle, your individuality and the technology provided to you.  We do everything we can to avoid this potentially catastrophic disjoint.

It is important to buy the best hearing aid you can afford but that you make sure you are happy with the outcomes it gives you.

We can talk about this all day long but ultimately, every single one of our patients has been advised around hearing technology and the importance of matching that with your own individual lifestyle, for absolute hearing success longer term.

If you want to stay active and remain part of the conversation please give us a call and let us be part of your ongoing hearing journey.  We very much look forward to seeing you!  Click on the link to contact us for advice, hearing assessments and ear wax removal today CONTACT US HERE