While you may have time-tested methods for hearing aid care when you are inside, there are different things you might have to consider when out of the house. Here are five tips to help you keep your hearing aids safe while you engage in outdoor activities or do daily errands.

1. Store in Hard-Shell Case
While participating in outdoor activities that can increase chances of sweat, rough contact, or water splashes, you may want to remove your hearing aids temporarily. Make sure to keep them safe in a hard-shell case when they aren’t in your ears. This prevents them from getting dropped, stepped on, or accidentally eaten by pets!

2. Wear Hearing Aid Sweatbands
Since moisture can negatively impact the computers inside your hearing aids, try purchasing a hearing aid sweatband to protect them. Sweatbands are fabric covers that go over your hearing aid. You can use them in combination with regular sweatbands. These sweatbands also protect your devices from dirt, snow, and dust.

3. Dry With Soft Towels
If your hearing aid does get wet, the nanocoating on them should keep them water-resistant. However, it is still a good care habit to dry them as soon as possible to avoid moisture getting inside and damaging the device. Never use heat, like a hairdryer or microwave, since this can melt your hearing aid.
If you’re outside or get caught in the rain, make sure you have a soft towel handy. You will also want to leave the batteries out overnight so your hearing aid can dry thoroughly.

4. Use Antimicrobial Wipes
Bacteria loves hot and humid weather conditions, so don’t let your hearing aids become its new home. Always dry and clean your devices. Bring antimicrobial wipes to wipe down and disinfect your hearing aids regularly when you’re out of the house.

5. Avoid High Temperatures
Keep your hearing aid in a cool and dry place, especially when you aren’t using them. The battery life of your hearing aid can reduce faster in high temperatures, so you want to make sure they stay cool. For example, don’t place your hearing aids in the glove box of your car parked outside on a hot day. When using your hearing aids, try and avoid too much heat yourself and wear a hat or stay in the shade.

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