Hearing Aid Prices

Our independent status means we can cater for all pockets, with a range of brands and models at a variety of budgets. Regardless of your choice of hearing aid, we provide a 2-year manufacturer warranty and a fully comprehensive 2-year aftercare service plan as standard.

Choosing what’s right for you

We’ll help you choose the right solution for you – to suit your hearing loss, the challenges you face in different listening environments, your lifestyle and your budget. Our experienced Audiologist, will take you through the options available to you after your hearing assessment.

Hearing aids are priced in performance levels. Although a hearing aid may look the same on the outside, it’s the technology inside which really determines the price. The more sophisticated the technology, the better the hearing aid can handle many different listening situations.

NB: All costs shown are price per aid. Prices subject to change.


Essential range
(from £897.50 per aid)

Our entry-level range of hearing aids offer clear, natural and comfortable listening in unchallenged environments.

This package is best suited for patients who are looking for improved speech clarity during one to one conversations. Also for those who require a solution for environments where there are few competing demands on the hearing devices.

If you have a more active lifestyle, you may want to consider a more advanced level of technology.


Standard range
(£2,000 per aid)

Our ‘Standard range’ hearing aids are one step higher than ‘Essential level’ hearing aids in terms of features and quality.

These hearing aids will help you hear well in relatively quiet or calm listening environments with some additional help in background noise.


Advanced range
(£2,250 per aid)

Our ‘Advanced range’ hearing aids are high quality hearing aids and can be the right solution for many people. These hearing aids are especially good if you want good sound quality and easier listening in noisy environments. When you purchase hearing aids, you’ll want to think about your lifestyle and daily activities. What types of settings do you struggle with? Advanced range technology will be more helpful in background noise or other challenging environments.


Premium range
(£2,500 per aid)

Our ‘Premium range’ hearing aids feature the best technology, maximising your listening experience, and helping you hear well even in dynamic environments. They also come in a variety of hearing aid styles.

Our Premium range hearing aids provide the most natural sound quality and are recommended for active people and those with demanding lifestyles in dynamic listening environments.


Extended wear range
(from £1,500 per annum)

At Beckenham hearing we’re proud to offer our customers the Phonak Lyric extended wear, completely invisible hearing aid.

With a range of benefits and annual subscriptions, Phonak Lyric is completely different to any other digital hearing aid on the market due to the fact that it can be worn continuously for months at a time.

Giving you peace of mind

Regardless of your choice of hearing aid, we provide a 2-year manufacturer warranty and a fully comprehensive 2-year aftercare service plan as standard.

When you decide to proceed with hearing aids, we offer a minimum 30-day trial experience. During that period we will see you for routine follow ups, so that we can monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments to suit. 

It is of paramount importance to us to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the outcome of your hearing aid fitting.

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