There are so many different types of hearing aids available to you from many different hearing aid manufacturers. Sometimes, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you so it is important to work closely with a dedicated and qualified hearing care professional like Neil, here at Beckenham Hearing.

You may have heard of invisible hearing aids or more discreet options but not really been able to understand what this means for you and your lifestyle.

We thought it would be a good idea to talk you through a few of the different options so that when you come in to see us, you feel like you have a little bit of information already. However, don’t worry about this because our job is to advise you on the solution that is right for you, your budget and your lifestyle so you don’t need to actually have any information at all before you see us.

The hearing aid industry carries a lot of terminology. Here are a few terms that might help you out:

Implantable device such as Lyric by Phonak
Lyric by Phonak has to be placed with precision by qualified professionals such as us here at Beckenham Hearing.
It requires special training but is a specific device that you can read more about on our website, it is simpler in its technology than a traditional hearing aid and sits much deeper in the ear canal hence the precision fitting, but you can wear this for 2 to 3 months at a time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week you can also shower in it. One of the only things you can’t do in it is skydive!

This is an invisible in the canal device they are usually the smallest that are available and are full of features that can help enhance your lifestyle. But of course, the smaller the device, the smaller the battery which might be fiddly or not last as long. Sometimes, this style has slightly less capabilities because of where they are placed in the ear canal but they can benefit from some of the natural properties of the shape of the ear too.

This is a completely in the canal hearing aid and is slightly larger than the IIC but still sits in the ear canal with nothing behind the external ear. This is a very popular choice and as this is in the ear, as well as the IIC, has to be custom made for your specific ear canal.

This is an in the ear hearing aid and usually fills part of the concha or ‘bowl’ bit of your external ear. It is usually more visible than the CIC but can have multiple microphones, a larger battery and sometimes more features.

These on the ear devices are very popular now and they have a unit behind your ear which is very small and can be matched to your hair or skin colour. They are very popular and originally were recognised as a great choice for clients because they were less likely to whistle. This was due to the receiver placement in the ear canal as opposed to in the behind the ear section of the hearing aid.

This is a behind the ear hearing aid and these are the ones that you will have perhaps seen in the past.

The larger the hearing aid the bigger the battery and usually the Audiologist will consider your options for your hearing longer term alongside all other factors. When selecting a solution this is all balanced with your lifestyle, your cosmetic preferences and your budget. In most clinics all of the styles are a similar price, you don’t pay more for the bigger or smaller ones, it’s the technology inside that varies in cost.

On top of all of the different cosmetic styles there are different manufacturers to choose from so you don’t need to worry about these unless you have a specific preference, as we will advise you on which one has the features that are correct for your hearing loss and which one fits your budget.

Please don’t feel stuck with all of the modern day hearing aid information, we have everything you need to know and will give you unbiased advice at all times so please book your hearing appointment with Neil and the team at Beckenham today (CONTACT LINK)