There is nothing like the festive season with one social engagement after another. From the Christmas office party, and drinks with friends, to the buzz of the family gathering on the big day, December is a time for fun and social interaction.

However, for someone with hearing loss, the Christmas period can cause a lot of anxiety.

One in six people across the UK experience some form of reduced hearing, but nowhere near that amount act to improve their hearing.


Hearing loss makes it harder to socialise

Hearing loss affects your ability to understand speech. Because of this, it can take much more mental energy to follow along during a Christmas meal out with friends or when opening presents with the family. This can lead to to listening fatigue and make going out feel exhausting rather than enjoyable.

Hearing loss can lead to frequent misunderstandings, which can cause frustration for both you and your loved ones. Eventually, this frustration can lead people with hearing loss to isolate themselves from others rather than consistently try to engage in conversations that are difficult and confusing.


Hearing aids can help keep you connected

Hearing aids can make such a difference to someone’s quality of life, especially at this time of year.

A leading study* published in 2021 found that hearing aid fittings significantly reduced listening fatigue in participants with hearing loss. Additionally, they found that social activity levels increased and social participation restriction decreased significantly after hearing aid fitting compared to those with hearing loss who did not get fitted for the device.

Modern hearing aids are much smaller and more discreet than they ever used to be and packed full of amazing features that will help during the festive period.

At a Christmas gathering, directional microphones and noise reduction features built into the hearing aids will adapt to pick up sound from in front of you and dampen noise from behind you, helping you to follow the conversation much more easily. Also, nearly all hearing aids have Bluetooth connectivity which means you can enjoy a Christmas film with your family by streaming the audio directly into your hearing devices and they can be controlled by using a simple app on your phone.


Don’t delay in treating your hearing loss

If you’ve noticed that you’ve been struggling to hear, don’t let another Christmas go by just ‘getting on with it’. Take this opportunity to look after your hearing health.

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* Hearing Aids Reduce Daily-Life Fatigue and Increase Social Activity: A Longitudinal Study – PubMed (