More than just a hearing test. More than just a hearing care professional.

At Beckenham Hearing we make sure our patients know why we make ourselves stand out from some of the more generalised, non-Audiologist, high street retail hearing professionals.

We would like to explain to you why this is the case and how we can back this up with hard evidence.

There are many things deep rooted in our daily routines here at Beckenham Hearing, that ensure our clients are at the heart of everything we do.

This isn’t just words.

We aren’t just saying that we do things differently, we actually do and live and breathe them in the way we have set up our practice, how we treat our clients and how we make them feel. This keeps them coming back to us year after year for hearing care support.

The first major thing that we offer that helps us to stand out, is that our hearing tests are far more in-depth and comprehensive than those offered in the high street retail stores.

There are many reasons for this but one of them is that all hearing care professionals are not the same as we have discussed on here before. We have the time to dedicate to our clients because they matter to us and we don’t believe that good old fashion hearing care can be delivered in a 45 minute slot from a conveyor belt of different hearing care professionals. We want you to see the same Audiologist every time you visit us and we want you to have dedicated time with us to discuss your concerns. This is so that your expectations throughout your hearing aid journey are met completely and you are not disappointed.

You can read on our website about how our full hearing evaluation differs to a standard hearing test but the key points to mention are that we don’t just do what is called air conduction testing (the bit with the headphones) or just bone conduction testing (the bit that goes on your mastoid bone behind your ear after the air conduction test).

We offer the full suite of audiological testing.

This includes testing your middle ear function through tympanometry if you need it, the ability for you to see inside your own ear with a video otoscope, speech testing too, which is vital to you hearing well in background noise and so much more.

The other thing to mention is that all of the qualifications held at Beckenham Hearing and specifically Neil’s, who is the director are absolutely second to none.

Qualifications for us at Beckenham Hearing are not just pieces of paper, they are promises to our clients that we are fully equipped to deliver exactly what they need. When a client comes into us and explains that they are struggling with their hearing we do not simply want to provide them with a hearing aid and usher them out of the door. You will never be sold to by us but you will be guided on a hearing care journey that will improve your quality of life and create special moments for you, your friends, family and loved ones.

This is why we do what we do and why we get up every single morning. It is to see the smiles on clients faces and the difference better hearing makes to their lives.

You will always see the same Audiologist with us and have the same consistency of customer care, that is extremely important to us.

You should never be concerned or worried about your hearing care as there is so much we can do at Beckenham Hearing to help you and we’d love you to get in touch.

If you want to discuss our hearing evaluation process further and what you can expect when you visit us, please visit our website or feel free to give Neil or Sally a call.