Invisible Hearing Aids

Invisible hearing aids are a great solution for anyone who has short hair and would like the most discreet hearing aids possible.  We offer many different invisible hearing aids from all the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers.

To allow us to make such discreet hearing aids we use a special foam stop with a window at the end that we place deep into the ear, whilst watching your eardrum the whole time.  This allows us to take a deep ear impression using medical grade silicone impression material and be ultra safe and accurate at the same time.

By taking a deep impression it allows us to make the device as comfortable and discreet as possible, as well as overcoming the occlusion effect. The occlusion effect is a boomy blocked sensation that can be reduced by fitting the hearing aids deeper into the ear canal.

To further improve your candidacy for invisible hearing aids we can make the shells from titanium which is very strong, allowing us to make the shell thinner to help fit all the necessary components into such a small space.

Invisible hearing aids are great for being discreet however, rechargeable receiver in the canal hearing aids are one of the best solutions for performance in busy environments e.g. coffee shops, restaurants, family gatherings.  Receiver in the canal aids are just as discrete for individuals with hair now and benefit from connectivity to smart phones allowing you to confidently hold a conversation, as well as playing music based on your hearing parameters.

If you feel like you would benefit from hearing aids, why don’t you book in today for a hearing evaluation and we can find the right solution for your hearing and you can start to enjoy restored hearing.

Beckenham hearing is one of very few hearing clinics that have the prestigious status of being a Lyric approved practice. This is a key indication that you are being seen by a very good hearing professional, as Phonak will not provide Lyric to any old hearing aid provider.

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