Design Process

Whilst every client is unique, from start to finish, I work with you through the design process to ensure the best quality of the design. Being as little or as much involved, as you desire, my aim is always to allow my technical insight and inspiration to shape your vision.

What can we do for you?

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Hearing Aids

Tinnitus Management

Wax Removal

Custom Earmoulds

Assistive Devices

Hearing Tests


I will arrange a time convenient to you to visit your property and understand your aspirations. It’s really important at this stage that we feel comfortable to explore your inspirations and understand your timeframes, budget and direction. Taking my brief, I will take into account your lifestyle, your psyche and how your space can work with you to bring it to life.


During the research stage I will constantly analyse the brief, study the property, its characteristics and translate your tastes and needs. I thoroughly research using the information gathered to prepare myself for the concept stage and design development.


Part of what helps have the confidence in starting a design process is having a clear vision. I will offer my concept to you in a mood book, showing my vision of your style and design direction. The concept will bring to life the detailed brief and research phases, and offer the chance for you to add your own insights to achieve desired design excellence.

Design Development

This is the stage in which the design is created. I will take the concept to the next level and apply it to the design of the space. I will develop sketches, mood boards and renderings with design solutions. It’s also here where I will put together draft technical drawings including furniture layouts, lighting arrangements and floor plans. I will put a scheme together, design bespoke elements, source unique pieces of furniture suitable and add special touches with small details such as trimmings, artwork, and decorative objects.

I will prepare all necessary detailed supporting documentation with budgets and design specifications and choose carefully from my intensive database of suppliers and specialist craftsmen to implement my design.

This is also where I exclusively offer a complimentary half-day shopping trip or a visit to a gallery for my clients to truly indulge and be part of the exciting design process.

The finale of this stage is an approved design, ready to turn the vision into a reality.

Technical Design Development

In this phase, I produce technical drawings for my designs and refine it so it is ready to be realised by my team of carefully selected suppliers and contractors.

Approved designs are transformed into working drawings that are easy to follow to bring our creation to life.

Project Realisation

The natural evolution in my design process is that I am able to project manage every aspect, ensuring each stage is completed as intended by the concept and design development. It involves knowing when to order all the furniture and being on hand, day or night to supervise and advise. I also work closely with all contractors and suppliers right through to works completion and the exciting moment of handover to the client.

Project Completion

With a project transformed into a vision of individuality, at project completion my aim is to exceed your expectations. I will work with contractors and suppliers to carry out final snagging to ensure the best result is delivered. I then take great pleasure in presenting a beautifully bespoke ‘Project Bible,’ detailing every ingredient of the implemented design for client’s future reference.


Even after work is complete, I will continue to flourish the interior with sophisticated finishing touches to complete the creative vision. Even the smallest candle to add an element of cosy to that contemporary statement piece can make the difference in turning your house into a true extension of who you are.

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