You can combat the daily struggles of hearing loss with hearing aids. These modern devices allow the hearing impaired to navigate the world and continue life as usual. Some older hearing aids can be not as cosmetically appealing as newer ones, especially if you would rather keep your hearing changes to yourself.

Thankfully, Phonak has developed a nearly invisible hearing aid perfect for amplifying sound while hiding the hearing device.

Lyric by Phonak

Swiss manufacturer Phonak has developed Lyric, an in-ear, soft-shelled, and 100% invisible hearing aid that improves your hearing without announcing it to the world.

Lyric utilises the natural shape of your ear to amply sound as it travels through your ear. When sound enters your outer ear, the receiver in your ear canal processes the sound and amplifies it to bring the natural sound to your inner ear.

Unique Features

For a more personalised experience, Lyric lets you increase or decrease the volume of your hearing aids as needed. Additionally, your Audiologist has various sizes to choose from, increasing your chances of selecting a hearing aid that perfectly fits the size and shape of your ear canal.

As an added incentive, Lyric lets you wear your hearing aids for months at a time, non-stop; this even includes while in the shower! And if the batteries start to dwindle, you return the hearing aids to your Lyric provider, and they will replace them with a new pair as part of your Lyric subscription.

Lyric hearing aids are unique since they operate on a subscription-based model. The subscription comes with none of the usual hearing aid ownership complications, like buying a new pair, replacing batteries, removing the aids when you work out, and so on. The subscription allows you to replace your hearing aids when needed with no doctor’s visits, charging, etc.

You Will Need a Lyric Professional Assessment

Lyric does not fix all types of hearing loss despite its revolutionary features and is recommended only to people with mild to moderate hearing loss. We have also found it can be beneficial for people who suffer with tinnitus too.

A certified Lyric professional like Neil, here at Beckenham Hearing, will examine your hearing loss to find out if you are a good fit for Lyric hearing aids. They will examine the shape and size of your ears and whether you have any medical conditions that may prevent you from using Lyric.

Come and talk to us

Lyric gives you sleek inner ear hearing support, allowing you to continue daily life uninterrupted. Lyric isn’t for everyone though and for most people, the modern, digital, discreet devices are so life changing and technologically advanced they are a fabulous choice. If you would like to talk to Neil and the team about Lyric and our other hearing aid options, please get in touch today.