Whether you are experiencing hearing difficulty symptoms or not, maintaining your hearing health is a beneficial habit. Losing your hearing can be so gradual you don’t even notice it until it becomes a larger issue. Doing these three easy tips can provide preventative care and remedies your ears need to hear clearly.

1. Exercise and Stay Active

Regular exercise is known to improve your hearing. The activity doesn’t have to be vigorous as long as it gets your blood flowing. An increase in blood flow to your ears helps maintain the health of the hair cells in your inner ears. These hair cells are responsible for picking up the vibrations in sounds and transmitting them to your brain. Unfortunately, once they are damaged, you cannot regenerate them.

So, do some exercise to keep your inner ear hair cells strong and healthy. Also, try not to listen to music using earbuds or headphones as they can cause damage to these cells. Examples of activities you can do include:

  • Gentle jogs
  • Daily walks
  • Gardening
  • Yoga

2. Get Regular Ear Wax Removal

While ear wax has antibacterial properties and is a natural occurrence in your ears, too much can cause hearing difficulties. When excessive ear wax builds up and hardens, it creates an obstruction that prevents sounds from entering your inner ear.

Seeing us at Beckenham Hearing for ear wax removal services offers a safe way to clear your ears from blocks. We are fully trained to use the wax removal equipment and apply the gentle touch necessary for protecting the delicate parts of your ears. You can easily book appointments for checkups to see whether you need ear wax removal or not.

3. Teach Your Brain to Hear Better

There are different activities you can do that will help your brain improve your hearing over time. By exercising your brain in certain ways, you may be able to improve your hearing even with severe conditions. Examples include:

  • Practice in Noisy Environments: Train your brain to hear better in noisy situations by practising at home first, perhaps with the radio on.
  • Build Focus: Listening exercises, where you focus on a specific sound, or meditation techniques can improve your focus and help with hearing.

Contact us at Beckenham Hearing for a hearing test, ear wax removal appointment or additional advice on improving your hearing.