What Our Clients Say About Our Hearing Services in Beckenham, Bromley

Here at Beckenham Hearing, we pride ourselves in bringing quality hearing services to Beckenham, Bromley. We strive to provide all of our customers with excellent customer service, and are extremely proud of the feedback that we have received from our clients. You can read our fantastic reviews from clients below.

Hearing care | Client reviews


I first went to Beckenham hearing for wax removal. I was so pleased to find somewhere local .

I already had a hearing problem and had NHS hearing aids. They were uncomfortable and I wore them rarely, not ideal.

The hearing aids I have now are in another league. They are comfortable and very effective, life changing. I wear them all day

Having a dedicated and knowledgeable audiologist, Neil, that I always see means he understands my needs eg. giving me lots of help with the app!.

The aftercare is excellent and Beckenham Hearing is easy to contact if there are any problems.

S Millington

Prior to seeing Neil my experience with my recommended hearing aids was poor and I was extremely disappointed.

Since being seen by Neil everything has been better, most important thing is how you explain your procedures & potential ways forward.

The wireless hearing aids are great & work well with the tv connector, all of which you allowed me to trial before purchasing. Your customer service is exemplary and at the forefront is the the empathy you show to your patients.

My visits to Beckenham Hearing are always positive and that’s down to you and your staff.

R Sawford

As my mother is 89 and needs extra help I need to be with her for the appointments. There is parking outside which means it is easier as she can’t walk very far.

Neil was so kind and accommodating as soon as we meet him and knew exactly how to look after her. He explained everything thoroughly to us, so she immediately felt relaxed. His knowledge and experience with all types of hearing aids is very impressive.

The care my mother received was excellent. She would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. It is so reassuring to have the continuity in seeing the same person every time who knows your history and when she lost one of her hearing aids he was able to lend her one whilst waiting for the new one.

A Gilbert

I chose Beckenham Hearing because a neighbour said how much they’d helped his wife. And I wasn’t disappointed.

Neil was endlessly patient and refused to stop seeing me until he was satisfied that I was hearing properly and coping with the aids. There was no pushy sales talk, just professional advice.

The receptionists were equally helpful and pleasant.

I would recommend them without doubt to anyone with hearing problems.

A Woods

Both sets of hearing aids [from Beckenham Hearing] have been great and have really improved my hearing! My quality of life has been very much better.

It’s only when I got 2 excellent hearing aids that I realised what a difference they make.

G Morse

Eternally grateful to Neil for giving me my partner back. After 7 years of a Parkinson’s Dementia diagnosis the consultant decided that my partner did not have Parkinson’s. During those 7 years, as my partner progressively misinterpreted what was being said, switched off during conversations etc.

We visited Beckenham Hearing to have his hearing checked. Turned out he couldn’t hear consonants or high tones and Neil recommended and fitted Phonak hearing aids. 6 weeks later, we have wonderful conversations, filled with laughter and even started going out to restaurants with friends again. Everyone has commented on the incredible change.

Neil is an expert in his field and together and his staff, provide a stellar service with exemplary after care – they are kind, personable and super efficient. 5 stars are not enough. Thank you Neil.


R Thomas

I recently attended Beckenham Hearing as I had hearing issues.

I found them to be very professional when explaining my hearing loss. My procedure was carried out by Neil who constantly explained what was happening in simple language while using a wide range of sophisticated equipment.

I now enjoy hearing in all the places I struggled in before and nobody even knows I am wearing hearing aids until I point them out.

I am more than happy to recommend Beckenham Hearing and will be recommending them in future to friends and family should the need arise.

P Barrett

I first met with Neil Daniel and his team in July when I attended their practice for hearing test, they were all so friendly and professional.

I actually found that I needed hearing aids which have now been fitted, tested and adjusted over several weeks to my complete satisfaction.

First class service. Thank you

J Collins

After wearing NHS hearing aids for the last 6 years and struggling, I met Neil with little hope of hearing much better.

He tested my hearing and done a speech test and mentioned that he would get me hearing effortlessly based on his results. I still wasn’t convinced until the day of my fitting when I had a conversation with my son on the busy road outside.

My rechargeable Phonak hearing aids are now my pride and joy and have changed my life.

B Johnson

Neil recognised my sudden hearing loss and referred me immediately to an ear nose and throat specialist that he recommended.

If it wasn’t for Neil getting me referred, and being placed on steroids immediately – it is likely I would have lost my hearing entirely in the one ear.

I cannot thank Neil enough for saving my hearing and would definitely highly recommend.

K Daniel
Hearing aid app

Ear wax removal | Client reviews

Microsuction wax removal at Beckenham Hearing

I would like to take the time to express how happy I was to receive the excellent service provided by you all. Staff were very polite and professional from booking to service. It was a very quick and smooth booking and the clinic was inviting and clean.

The health professional who carried out my irrigation was beyond fantastic, very knowledgeable, empathetic and gentle. I am so happy to experience such great care in a timely manner. You have put me out the misery of the wax issue and deafness, a service that I could not find anywhere, especially the NHS. 

Highly appreciated and recommended.

M Mandary

I had been suffering with wax build up in ears for a few weeks to the point where both were extremely blocked.

I phoned up Beckenham Hearing, explained how bad my ears were and was delighted to be offered a same day appointment. The receptionist I dealt with with professional and polite. The Audiologist was very good at his job. He had a calm nature which put me at ease and was clearly very knowledgeable in his field.

He relieved the wax from both ears without any discomfort and I left very happy. There was no sense of rush and he spent a while explaining the inner workings of the ear to me.

This will now be my go to place for any ear troubles in future. Highly recommended.


Ben C

I visited Neil today after many months of having a blocked ear. After a good look and micro suction I can finally hear again!

Neil is very informative and professional and I would highly recommend his clinic for any hearing issues.

N Harcombe

Arrived anxious about ear wax removal. Was reassured that procedure is pain free.

It was amazing, after couple of minutes of warm water procedure I could hear again. It was nothing like YouTube videos I watched prior to going where it takes up to an hour of suctions to clear the wax.

It was pain free, easy and quick. Got out after 15 minutes wax free and able to hear. Highly recommended. Money well spent.

N Bernhardt

I don’t usually post reviews at all but this one was a must. A week with a blocked ear and very reduced hearing made me search for a solution in which I came across Beckenham Hearing. I was able to book an appointment with no hassle at all.

After just 30 minutes, left the clinic, and I know it sounds crazy but I was dialling in to every bit of sound around me outside. Really makes you count your blessings.

A really big thank you to Neil and Kerri, I can hear every bit of loud cries from my baby again.

J Bautista

Very happy that I found Beckenham Hearing.

An excellent friendly and professional service at a very reasonable price. Very easy to book an appointment for microsuction.

I left the clinic extremely happy to be able to hear again. Would highly recommend!

T Kerslake

I took my elderly mother here to have wax removed from her ears last week. Her ears were badly impacted which we were able to see on the screen as she was being treated. It was safely and comfortably removed and her hearing was restored.

The centre was super clean and the Audiologist was very professional, knowledgeable and reassuring.

If you’re suffering with ear wax, then get in touch today to see what our hearing services in Beckenham, Bromley can do for you.


I Welsh

I have just visited Beckenham Hearing in Eden Park. My ears were very blocked and have been causing me distress for a few months.

Having tried home remedies to no avail, I decided to seek professional help.

Neil was extremely professional and used the microsuction method to remove the compacted ear wax. I would highly recommend him. Worth every penny!

S Semmenece

Great service. My sister is in a wheelchair and sometimes access can be a problem so thank you for moving things around and going that extra mile, it was much appreciated.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Beckenham Hearing. Thank you.

S Hilton

I visited to have my ears syringed some weeks ago on a Bank Holiday weekend!

Neil was lovely and explained exactly what he was going to do. He also took his time to give me a ‘lesson’ on the workings of the ear. I am now much more knowledgeable.

The premises are also very clean and Covid secure, which was a comfort.

Thank you, great customer care, best modern hearing facilities in Beckenham

S Smith

What excellent service and treatment!

I emailed Sunday after my partner was in agony with his ear. I was not expecting to get a response, but 15 minutes later my email had been replied to, I then received a follow up phone call & an appointment was made for the following day.

Treatment was painless & earache gone – Heaven for us both!

E Taylor
Irrigation ear wax removal

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