Hearing Aid Fine Tuning

At Beckenham Hearing, our experienced Audiologist can perform fine tuning and hearing aid optimisation.

Perhaps you bought hearing aids from another provider and they are not performing as well as you might like them to? We’d be happy to fit them for you using our best practice fitting methods.

This involves real ear measurement using a small silicone tube attached to a microphone to measure the sound pressure level at the eardrum, allowing us to check that the hearing aids are delivering your prescription correctly. This should routinely be done by your hearing aid provider, however, it is common for this important element to be left out due to the cost of the equipment and in the interest of time and corner-cutting.


Hearing aid optimisation and fine tuning is something that is learnt over many years and is why it is important for you to choose an Audiologist who is experienced and has the correct equipment to measure and and confirm that the hearing aids are doing what they are supposed to and not solely relying on what the computer says it is supposed to be doing as this is rarely the case, as everyone’s ears are different shapes and sizes and this alters the sound/sound pressure level. Patients with small ears will be find the sound will be too loud, and for a patient with larger ears they will find the sound is to soft.

If you have been fitted with hearing aids from one of the low-cost high street chains and you are not satisfied with the outcome and you would like a second opinion then look no further. Firstly we would need to give you a full hearing evaluation to pinpoint where your hearing loss is and to what degree. We will then give you a speech in noise test to establish how well you will perform in most challenging noisy environments, if you were fitted well with good hearing aids. We would then fit your hearing aids correctly using real ear measurements, making sure that your prescription targets are met. If you feel that you would benefit from our hearing aid optimisation why not book in today.

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