Hearing Tests in Beckenham

At Beckenham Hearing we believe it’s very important to have a hearing test if you are struggling to hear speech in noisy situations, especially if it’s taking the joy out of socialising.

You can expect some wear and tear on your hearing from the age of 45 onward. One in three will have age-related hearing loss known as presbycusis by the age of 65 and one out of two by the age of 75. This usually effects your higher frequencies, making people sound as if they are mumbling; giving you a lack of clarity no matter how loud they speak.

Hearing test at Beckenham Hearing

Free Hearing Checks
(15 minutes)

Our hearing health checks are ideal for adults with no pre-diagnosed hearing loss but have concerns about hearing loss or are unsure if they’re suffering from any kind of hearing loss.

Our hearing health check is a simple 15 minute appointment where our hearing specialists will conduct a basic hearing screening. This will help us to identify if your hearing is within normal range, or if you are indeed experiencing some degree of degradation.

Looking at hearing test results

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations
(90 minutes | £100)

If you are already aware that you have a hearing loss or are already wearing hearing aids, we’d recommend that you book a comprehensive hearing test with our Senior Audiologist, Neil Daniel.

This appointment will allow us to fully understand the cause of your hearing difficulties, the severity of the loss and what treatment might be required to help improve your hearing.

Online Hearing Test
(3 minutes | FREE)

If you have any concerns about your hearing, our free online hearing test will give you a better idea about whether you need to come in to see one of our hearing care professionals.

Our online hearing test does not replace a visit to one of our hearing care professionals and it does not constitute a medical diagnosis.

Ready to book?

All appointments take place at our state-of-the-art clinic in Beckenham, which is a 2 minute walk to Eden Park station. If you are travelling by car, we have complimentary on-site customer parking.

We are proud to serve the local community of Bromley, Eden Park, Beckenham, West Wickham, Shirley, Langley Park, Penge, Orpington, Hayes, Chislehurst, Keston, Chelsfield, and Downe.

You can book your ear wax removal or free hearing check using our simple online booking system.

For any other appointment, or if require further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.