Widex Hearing Aids

Widex is a family owned company founded in Denmark in 1956. Today, it is one of the world’s most respected hearing aid manufacturers renowned for quality, innovation and its environmental credentials.

Widex hearing aids produce the most natural sound in the industry, allowing you to enjoy all the sounds around you naturally, whether you are in a busy restaurant, talking to someone in a crowd or listening to the crunch of the autumn leaves beneath your feet.

Widex Moment Sheer

In pursuit of the perfection of natural sound, Widex have created Moment Sheer, their smallest rechargeable hearing aid yet.

With its PureSound™ technology, enhanced AI powered MySound™ for more sound control, and a refined premium design, Moment Sheer compromises on nothing to give you the very best hearing experience so you feel more connected to your life.

Widex are also honoured to have been named a 2022 GOOD DESIGN AWARD winner for Moment Sheer, including its charger and jewel case, based on its use of design to enrich people’s lives.

Moment Sheer was selected for “A design that is not ‘typical’ of conventional hearing aids, in the best sense of the word. The software developed alongside the attractive hardware is based on unique sound quality technology that enables even first-time users to ‘hear naturally and without discomfort’. Moment Sheer is a perfect combination of a light, beautiful design down to the smallest detail, and ease of use.”

PureSound perfection

In the past, hearing aids may have sounded artificial to the wearer. This is because when hearing aids process sound it takes longer for this to reach your eardrum compared to the sound you hear directly, so the two signals are out of sync.

Moment Sheer eliminates this artificial sound by using their PureSound and ZeroDelay technologies so you hear every moment like you used to.

In fact, 95% of real hearing aid wearers that were asked by Widex to try Moment in their everyday lives, said they perceived the sound as “clear” and “natural”.

Hear all day

Because Moment Sheer is a fully rechargeable RIC (Receiver in Canal) you can get up to 29 hours at a time from a single charge, or 16 hours with 8 hours of streaming.

The sleek new charger is easy to use with intuitive hearing aid placement and has LED indicators to show you the charging status at a glance. A full charge takes just 4 hours but if you want a quick top up then a 30-minute charge gives you 4 hours use.

Tailor made sound

With MySound 2.0 there are now additional ways to adjust the sound for an even more personalised hearing experience.

Using AI (Artificial Intelligence), MySound 2.0 can examine sound preferences from users all over the world to create instant, optimised recommendations. As well as this, the AI can guide you to a sound that is tailor made to your preferences and needs using A/B comparisons.

Sheer relaxation

Reconnecting with yourself is as important as reconnecting with your world, so to help aid with tinnitus, relaxation, concentration and well-being, Sheer builds upon the fractal tones already used in the Moment family with a new palette of fractal sounds.

SoundRelax now includes softer tones and modulated nature sounds, as well as combinations of these tailored to your preferences.

Get connected

Wherever you are, you can stream phone calls, music, podcasts and video directly to Moment Sheer without the need for accessories.

This is available to Android and Apple users via the Moment app.

Be in control

With Widex Moment Sheer you can use the Moment app, available for Android and Apple smartphones, to adjust and control the hearing aids.

Within the app there are a wide range of personalisation options to get the sound you prefer, controls to adjust the volume, programs or audio streaming and useful help and guides. You can also switch between light and dark modes for more discreet use.

Uncompromising design

Widex are renowned for their premium design and attention to detail, so it comes as no surprise that the Moment Sheer sets new aesthetic standards with their refined design philosophy.

The discreet rechargeable RIC (Receiver in Canal) hearing aids and charger both have a fresh look and feel, with the charger also featuring a premium metallic trim and new functional details.

Widex DEX Devices

From streaming phone calls directly to your hearing aid to listening to music without taking your phone out of your pocket – hearing aid accessories allow technology to seamlessly integrate into your everyday life. The devices are both easy and intuitive to use, as well as easy on the eye.

Widex hearing aid accessories can often be tailor-made to individual needs. Contact us to learn what’s available to you.

COM-DEX: Get high-quality sound from any Bluetooth device to your Widex hearing aid with COM-DEX.

RC-DEX: Get control of hearing aid volume and programs with small and discreet RC-DEX.

TV Play: Stream TV sounds seamlessly to your hearing aid with TV Play.

TV-DEX: Stream sound directly from TV to your hearing aids with Widex TV-DEX assistive listening device.


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