Why us and what is a private audiologist?

  • Why Us at Beckenham Hearing?  We will take the time to really understand your individual needs before using our experience to find a hearing solution for you.  We will take the time to explain how to get the very best from your chosen hearing aids and make you aware of their advantages and disadvantages.  We will also advise on coping strategies for the most challenging listening environments.
  • For individuals who are new to improving their hearing, it is difficult to understand how we differ from other hearing clinics.  Unfortunately some of our clients had the misfortune of experiencing the alternative, however, since coming to Beckenham Hearing they really value our individualised service and have never looked back.
  • One of our most valuable assets we can provide is time and expertise.  Being independent we can take the time to choose the best hearing solution for you instead of a one size fits all approach commonly found within the NHS and/or an affiliated practice owned by a single hearing aid manufacturer.
  • What is a private audiologist? A private audiologist is a hearing specialist that is not restricted by time and a particular product allowing them to think outside the box of convention and find you the best solution for your unique hearing loss and lifestyle.

There for you

  • First and foremost we are there for you as a hearing specialist, clinician and counsellor, providing you with the information to make an informed decision, giving you the best opportunity of improving your hearing, communication and ultimately your quality of life.
  • At the heart of your journey to improved hearing, is for us to have a full understanding of your hearing struggles and challenges, as well as real understanding of your lifestyle.  This will allow us to provide the best solution using our expertise to improve your hearing.  After all this is what makes us human as we are naturally social.
  • We allow up to 1 ½ hours for your hearing consultation.  This gives us time plenty of time to fully understand your needs and give you a comprehensive diagnosis of your hearing loss, allowing us to tailor the best solution for your unique need.

Best practice and latest technology

  • Rest assured that we always take the path of best practice, using all the latest up-to-date testing methods and fitting rationales.
  • We only provide the best hearing aids and latest hearing aid technology available.

We Provide

We Provide

Time for you

Our friendly approach coupled with time and years of experience will allow us to gain a real understanding of your lifestyle and needs, allowing us to advise you on the best hearing solution and coping strategies for you.

Independent advice

Being independent we can offer a solution without being bias, as we are not tied into a particular hearing aid manufacturer.

Advice & support

We are motivated by helping people get the very best from their chosen hearing devices and pride ourselves on building a good rapport with all our clients, establishing their needs and setting realistic goals for their journey to improved hearing.


We delivers a pragmatic approach gained from years of experience as a hearing aid engineer, coupled with an in-depth understanding of hearing science and hearing aid fitting technology and software.

Full Aftercare

We believe in continuity of care and for that reason you will always see Neil every six months once fitted with your new hearing devices.

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