Hearing Aids in Streatham

If you’re based in Streatham or the surrounding areas and you’re looking for a qualified hearing specialist to help you find and fit the right pair of hearing aids, Beckenham Hearing can help. Many of the people we see are from Streatham and the surrounding areas due to our high levels of customer service, our consistently strong reviews and the fact that we are very easy to get to.

If you know you need hearing aids, we can help you identify the right pair to suit your individual circumstances and lifestyle. For example, you might need hearing aids that are especially good at operating in very noisy environments, or you might be an active person and need them to stay put whilst exercising. There’re a huge range of hearing aids on the market and as an independent supplier, we have access to a wide range of the most advanced and sophisticated hearing aids available. 

Finding the right pair of hearing aids is essential if they’re going to work as effectively as possible for you. Many places offer very basic free hearing tests, but these tests rarely uncover enough information to make a sound hearing aid recommendation. At Beckenham Hearing we conduct a much more thorough hearing assessment so we can understand the type of hearing loss, how each ear is affected and ultimately, what your goals are. We’ll then take this information and recommend hearing aids that match your requirements. 

Our customer first approach together with our highly experienced and friendly team are the main reasons customers are happy to travel 40 minutes from Streatham to see us.

If you are travelling from Streatham to see us for hearing aids or a hearing test and need some guidance on the best ways to get here, let us know. If you’re travelling by car, we have on-site parking and we’re very easy to find.


Are cheaper hearing aids worth it?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions from people about hearing aids, especially when they first start looking. Cheaper hearing aids may well be adequate for some people, especially if they have minimal hearing loss and aren’t too bothered by their appearance. 

For people with more complex or severe hearing loss, investing in good quality hearing aids is worth it. If you consider that the difference might be your ability to hear a little better or hear very well, the difference that would make to your quality of life is immeasurable.

If I’m travelling from Streatham, can I bring someone with me?

You’re more than welcome to travel to your appointment with someone but due to the current restrictions, they won’t be able to attend your appointment with you. We’re hoping this will change as lockdown restrictions ease but for the foreseeable future, customers will have to be seen alone. 

How far is Beckenham Hearing from Streatham?

We’re about 40 minutes from Streatham.