World Hearing Day is held each year on March 3 to raise awareness on how to prevent hearing loss, tinnitus, deafness, and how to care for your ears. The World Health Organization (WHO) creates an annual campaign to share information and awareness about hearing loss and how to improve hearing care.

This year the WHO’s theme is ‘Ear and hearing care for all’, whilst highlighting that ear and hearing problems are among the most common problems encountered in the community.

Early intervention can help slow the progress of hearing loss, and you can learn how to manage your hearing loss. Even if your hearing loss isn’t significant, it is important to have your hearing checked the first time you notice any signs of hearing loss.

Neil Daniel, Beckenham Hearing Owner and Lead Audiologist explained what a global challenge hearing loss is:

“466 million people worldwide live with hearing loss and this number continues to grow. In the UK, 11 million people are living with hearing loss, approximately one in six of the population.”

“At Beckenham Hearing we are throwing our support behind initiatives like World Hearing Day in order to help raise awareness and spark discussion within the local area. At all stages of our lives, hearing is a vital element for communication, socialising, learning and working. My team are focused on providing innovations and initiatives along with the best possible care to support people living with hearing loss to live their life to the fullest.”

Beckenham Hearing is here to help you manage your hearing loss. Book an appointment with one of our friendly and caring team to discuss any hearing concerns you may have.

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